LifeGear Inversion Table: Ultimate Worthwhile For The Cost!

As our professional product reviewer, David Black has joined us on November last year. He has an expert in Inversion Tables and other health care product. He has now reviewed over 100 products so far.

LifeGear Inversion Table by David

Back Pain Relief
Easy to use

Available on Amazon for $149.95 here.

Inversion therapy was started around 2000 years ago. It is now applied everywhere to help remedy back pain as well as sports injuries. Inversion Therapy will work simply by unweighting the joints that could usually support your weight. In eliminating the impact of gravity pressure is actually taken off of the joints and also the spinal discs making much more space between them. Used sensibly inversion can work beneficial!

Inversion therapy is additionally believed to help enhance much better circulation as the heart has to work in reverse to the regular direction of gravity. Much better blood circulation to the brain also can leave people feeling a lot more alert after inversion therapy.

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