Paradigm 100: Inversion Tables that Well Worth the Money

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Paradigm 100 Inversion Table System Review by David Black

Back Pain Relief
Easy to Use
Overall Value

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Perhaps you have gone to a doctor for back pain and had been told to either do back exercises or simply take pain pills? If that’s the case, you should use a safe exercise program with proper equipment that is effective. As you may know that around 45% of the US people has got back pain which is the second major cause for disability. Frequently, back pain is actually physical in nature. Mechanical back pain is actually a direct result a dysfunction of the misalignment. For that reason, it CAN be treated with manual treatment, education, along with a muscle specific exercise program.

Inversion table is definitely an physical exercises table which is developed in the principle that your feet is positioned higher than your head. Consequently it will help in order to minimizes the negative effects of gravity. Actually these tables place your body inverted, and so the gravity will works in the opposite direction. The table is particularly useful for people who have back pain, because the gravity helps you to stretch out the back bone. Because of this it offers a excellent reduced the back pain.

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